Cyprian the hedgehog and the magic stone

bedtime story hedgehog

It was late night and the sky was full of twinkling stars. Cyprian the hedgehog was about to go to sleep in his burrow lying at the foot of the forest hill. At one point, however, he saw something that made him freeze. A huge stone was sliding down the hill. He was sliding or rolling, all the time down and down. First, Cyprian began to count how much time it went on. One … Two … Three … Then he was surprised to notice that now the stone rolled slower and slower. On the one hand, he wanted to sleep already, but on the other hand, he was very curious who had lowered the stone.

It might have been Emil the badger, but he must be in his crib by this time of day. Emil always went to bed early. He yawned widely and said it was his time. Cyprian guessed why. When he was at Emil’s once in a burrow, he saw his bedrooms. It was the coolest sleeping room Cyprian had ever seen.

Cyprian liked the crib the most. It was not even particularly large – it was exactly the size of Emil, so it would be even a little too big for a hedgehog. Hedgehogs are smaller than badgers. It wasn’t about size. Rather, it was about the warmth of the quilt – the warmest quilt that Cyprian had met and under which he had ever pulled out. It was also about a soft pillow with undulating patterns that seemed to be whispering softly to Emil falling asleep when you lay down on it. Cyprian also liked such whispers while falling asleep. Sometimes he even whispered to himself to make him fall asleep nicer. While Cyprian was wondering in this way, the stone continued to roll. Down and down all the time. Four … Five … Six …

Although he was rolling slower and slower, Cyprian could still see him quite well. He watched him for a moment, then went back to his sleepy wondering who had set the stone in motion. It could also have been Kryspian the fox. He – when it was not late at night yet, was able to come up with such ideas. Kryspian also had the softest fur among the animals that Cyprian knew. Cyprian never told him that, but he envied Kryspian’s fluffy tail. A tail that can be perfectly wrapped around when it’s cold. So that it is warm even when you want to fall asleep under the open sky. And the stone kept rolling downhill.

Bedtime story hedgehog

Slower and slower. Seven … Eight … Cyprian looked at him more closely as he rolled down and down. To see him better he would have to get up, but he found such a nice place to lie down. He was so warm and comfortable that he didn’t move anymore. Cyprian closed his eyes and listened only from a distance as the stone rolled down and down. The rolling stone was still audible quite clearly. Cyprian listened to them very carefully.

He was breathing calmly and quietly … Inhale … Exhale … Inhale … Exhale … Thanks to that the rolling stone could be heard all the time. And then he realized that such a rolling stone at night that you can see and hear so well cannot be an ordinary stone. Even when he falls asleep completely. It must be a magic stone. A stone worth examining carefully. But it won’t be until tomorrow morning. Breathing calmly with his eyes closed, Cyprian counted a little more. Nine … ten … And finally fell asleep …

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